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Rendre To return (something), to give back
Se souvenir de To remember
Se rappeler (d’un fait)  To recall (a fact)
Enregistrer (un son) To record (a sound)
Mettre (dans un coin) To put
Mettre (des vêtements) To wear, to put on (clothes)
S’entraîner (à faire quelque chose) To practice (doing something)

Lundi 9 juillet 2012

Mon vocabulaire avec GymGlish ce soir :

(la voiture est) loin (d’ici) (the car is) far (from here)
(Il vient d’un pays) lointain (He comes from a) faraway or ‘far away’ (country)
(Vous conduisez) bien mieux (que moi)  (You are a) far better (driver than I am)

UK: This young man is far too interested in his own reflection

US: How far away are we from the hotel?
un parfum a fragrance
parfumé, odorant fragrant

What fragrance are you wearing? It smells horrible.

Horatio creates personalized fragrances for the rich and famous.
la reconnaissance  recognition

I recognised him thanks to the red carnation in his jacket.

I have finally received the recognition I deserve.
finalement, tôt ou tard eventually

I eventually decided to buy the pink shoes, not the blue ones.

I’m sure the children will eventually get along.
humble, modeste

Welcome to my humble home.

Losing the election humbled me.
de renommée mondiale

The concert features many world-renowned musicians.

This chef is renowned for his vegetarian cuisine.
rassembler, recueillir, cueillir (des fleurs), ramasser
to gather
(se) rassembler autour
to gather around, round

Let’s go into the forest and gather some magic mushrooms.

I spent all morning gathering books to catalogue.
(une bougie) parfumée à la lavande
a lavender-scented (candle)
violet (couleur)
lilac (color)
une fleur de lilas
a lilac (flower)

I have a lilac tree outside my window.

Lilac is my favorite color.
permettre, autoriser
to allow

You’re not allowed to smoke in this restaurant.

Our schedule allows time for coffee breaks.
DG, directeur général
CEO (chief executive officer)

Mercredi 11 juillet 2012

Mon vocabulaire avec GymGlish ce soir :

(la voiture est) loin (d’ici) (the car is) far (from here)
Les montagnes étaient beaucoup plus loin que nous ne le pensions.
The mountains were much farther away than we thought
Renseignements complémentaires fournis sur demande. Further information provided upon request.
Le plus loin (au sens de la distance)
(au sens propre ou figuré) furthest
La plus grande distance que je puisse courir est de trente miles.
The farthest I can run is 30 miles.
Son anniversaire est la dernière chose à laquelle je pense.
Her birthday is the furthest thing from my mind.
bien plus
far more
bien trop d’argent
far too much money

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